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The Silk Residences Launch

The Silk Residences Launch

Nature  / March, 18
The Silk Residences Launch

On the evening of March 18, 2013, The Silk Residences’ project site was transformed into a stage fit for a gala as DDTKI and DLI officially launched the project to the general public. Lively music, food and drinks accompanied silk dancers as they unveiled the monumental scale model for the first time. Attendees and guests were awe-inspired with the unique aesthetic design of the two towers with the red flowing fins that glimmered like silk in the spotlight. One look at the project perspective makes one aware that The Silk Residences is definitely above its class. An audio-visual presentation highlighting the intricate details of the project reinforces DLI’s promise to deliver something that is beyond the basics. Last May 25, 2013, as a testament to DLI’s commitment to deliver The Silk Residences in a timely manner, the groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated with a mass and the laying of the time capsule. Starting construction barely two months after the project launch is virtually unheard of in today’s residential condominium industry and this proves how DLI wishes to make a difference in the market. Standing out in this industry is quite a challenge but with the right team and the right drive, DDT Konstract Inc. and its brainchild Data Land, Inc. will surely rise up to the task. For more details, visit our website You can also email us your inquiry at or call and text at 570.4409 loc 208 / 0917.549.8000/ 0919.991.8000.

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